DIY Bracelet Kit Closure Guide

Closure option 1 – Square Knot with Simple Overhand Knot

While some prefer the surgeons knot for the closure of these type of stretch bracelets, I have experienced issues with slippage because of the nature of the stretch cord.

I prefer to use a square knot and then add a simple overhand knot on top to make sure things are extra secure.

When you tighten your knot, you will notice that it may slip at first, and you need to give it a few extra pulls to lock it in place. Be patient, tying the knot is the most difficult part of making your bracelet.

Closure option 2 – Overhand Bow Knot

If you find the square knot to be to difficult you can easily use an overhand bow knot that no doubt you have made many times before without even realizing it.

I hope you found these video tutorials helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via the contact form.

Enjoy, Megan